How can a Medical Herbalist help you?

You may never have had the opportunity to sit down and discuss in detail your medical history, your present condition, and how this impacts on your daily routine.  A Medical Herbalist is trained to investigate in depth your present physical status, and using whole plant medicines support your own body's efforts at healing and maintaining your optimum health.  You may have several conditions that are giving you cause for concern. By formulating a tailor-made prescription for you it is possible to address them all at the same time, and together with the guidance of your practitioner you can work at making improvements in your overall well being for the long term.


Crateagus oxycanthoides (Hawthorn)
This tree grows in our hedgerows and field margins. The easily recognised white blossom in spring and abundant red berries in the autumn are both used medicinally. This plant has an envied reputation for nursing the heart. It aids in increasing blood flow to the coronary arteries.